Compress Data 1GB Into 100MB And Less The Easy Way

Compress Data

Why You Should Compress Data?

Sometimes you find yourself in a dilemma that which file to keep and which file to discard due to insufficient space on your hard drive, or sometimes you want to send or upload large files and folder online, this is where compress data is essential and useful, why to upload 1GB while you can upload 100MB and get the same result?

KGB Archiver is a software that allows this extreme compression very easily, it is a compression tool with unbelievable high compression rate. It surpasses even such efficient compression tools like 7zip and UHARC in terms of the abilities. KGB Archiver uses AES-256 encryption to encrypt archives, with the option to add a password to your new compressed file.

Note: the compression rate may differ according to file types.


Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Download and Install KGB Archiver.

Step 2: Open KGB, choose “Compress Files” option and click on “Next”.

KGB Compress Data


Step 3: Now Tap on the Three Dot button, to specify a name and location for the new compressed.

KGB Compress Data

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KGB Compress Data


Note: You can set the file type to .zip (Recommended) and unzip it with any software, or keep it as .kgb not supported by all software.


KGB Compress Data

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KGB Compress Data


Step 4: Now Go and check the file size, Voila, Your File is compressed Now.


Step 5: For extracting The compressed File. Open KGB Archiver and then Choose Decompress archive and then follow the instructions given by the software.

KGB Compress Data


You can use this method to compress all file types including images, videos, audios and even games without losing their quality or any Byte of data, don’t be afraid, rap up all your favorite images and videos in one folder and compress them to save the larger number of favorite moment on one hard drive that you can take with you anywhere.

And that’s it. As Always Enjoy 😀