Hack LinkedIn Increase Connections Without being Caught

Hack LinkedIn

Why Hack LinkedIn?

This professional network is very important to a large community of professionals who want to find a job, find a candidate or just to share their work and experience.

It is very important to maximize the number of connections you have, especially if you are seeking for a job. When a recruiter is searching for a position similar to yours, you will be one of his connections, therefore having the chance to be on the top search.

Hack LinkedIn is as simple as a script that I wrote personally, to connect to a big number of people. Not any type of people, only those who have specific positions related to yours or positions you are interested in.

This helped me connect to more than 10,000 connections in matter of days and the counter is running. So why not hack LinkedIn?

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How It Work?

This script will search the description or position of each person, and check if it contain any of the keywords you set for it, if so it will connect to them, else dismiss them, in a way that LinkedIn Servers won’t know it is a robot.

Now LinkedIn Updated their system, but so did I, updated my script so it works smoothly with the new version 😀

Hence to do that just:

  • Open your profile in a browser on PC or Laptop not mobile (Recommended Firefox or Chrome)
  • Got to “My Network” section
  • Right click on a blank space and click on “Inspect Element” OR click F12 from the keyboard
  • Go to the console section
  • Replace my keywords with your keywords in the below line, then copy and paste in your console, be careful to follow the same sequence, and note that all keywords are not case-sensitive so don’t worry about that, also note the keyword “dev” will connect with “developer”, “development” and any other word that contain “dev”.
var keyWords = ["Engineer", "dev" , "Android", "php" , "ios" , "Software" , "net" , "program", "JAVA" , "sql" , "database" ,"Computer", "network", "telecom" , "cce" , "tech", "admin" , "ceo", "hr", "human re", "manage"];
  • Let The Magic Begin, copy this last part and enjoy:
//Author: Salam El-Banna
var connections=0;
var rejections=0;
function connect(){
var e=document.getElementsByClassName('mn-pymk-list__card');
var addMember=false;
var headline=e[i].getElementsByClassName('mn-person-info__occupation')[0];
var des=headline.innerHTML;
  var reg = new RegExp(keyWords[j], 'i');
  var checker = des.match(reg);
  if (checker){addMember=true; break;}
console.log("Invitations Sent:");
console.log("People Dismissed:");
setInterval(function() { window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight); connect();}, 1000);

You will see in the console:

Invitations Sent: 256
People Dismissed: 102

As a result this will give you the exact number of invitations sent and the number of people who are dismissed.

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Important: Don’t try to hack LinkedIn often to many times in one day because you will get banned, run it only couple of times each day and you will get like 100 new connections daily in just 2 min.

Finally Just Enjoy 😀

  • Ahmad M.

    your script is very good, but it stopped working. are you planning on updating it ? Thanks

    • Hello Ahmad, thank you for your feedback.

      I just checked the script myself and it is working. kindly make sure you follow all the steps.

      I recommend using firefox browser, and then go to the page “People you May know”, after that run the script. Don’t forget to copy ALL 3 PARTS of the script. If you’re still facing any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Thanks again

      • Ahmad M.

        Hello Salam,
        Thanks for your reply,
        I just tried it on firefox and i’m getting this error: TypeError: headline is undefined
        on chrome i get an error related to InnerHTML
        It used to work fine before

        Many thanks

        • Are you using a premium version of LinkedIn?
          The variable headline is well setup, so please make sure to copy all the code from the boxes, try to use the red “Copy Code” button instead of selecting and copying the code by yourself.

        • If the issue remains, please contact me in private so I can diagnose the issue well.
          Always glad to help.

    • Updated the script and tested. Working great with the new update of LinkedIn

  • Maverick

    not working for me.

    • In your country its the new design or the old design of LinkedIn?
      Please make sure that you add all 3 parts of code, don’t forget the connect(); function that will actually execute the code

  • tasheppard

    Thank you so much for this. It was able to add about 20 people this way. Now I get an error when I try to run this. Error message: VM1704:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: Connect is not defined at :1:1

    • @tasheppard:disqus thank you for your feedback.

      This would happen if you reload the page, you have to redo the steps again, it is something with the browser when you reload a page or close it, the browser clear all the javascript code added.

      Another thing why just 20?? I have more than 10,000 connection, when you open the page, before adding the code, scroll down as much as you can to load more and more contacts, then paste the code, this will connect to a larger number of connections.

      Thanks again, glad to help.

  • Obins Choudhary

    i got
    Invitations Sent:
    People Dismissed:

    any reason why so many people were dismissed?

    • Obins Choudhary

      was it because my keywords matched to only 9 connection?

      • Obins Choudhary

        got better with the keywords 🙂 thanks tons

  • Gregg Vickers

    Love this hack! however I’m getting these errors when running the script:

    this error on invitations
    ()https://www.linkedin.com/voyager/api/growth/normInvitations 500 ()

    and this final error code
    https://www.linkedin.com/voyager/api/mux 400 ()

  • Anthony

    will this work with PYMK?

  • MarkRyan

    Hi Sir, Thank you so much for this hack. How about if I want to increase my connections based from locations?

    • Thank you for using this script, currently LinkedIn don’t have this option to sort connections based on Location, and they don’t show the location of users in the box view, so when they add one of them, sure I will update my script to include this feature.

      • MarkRyan

        Thank you so much.

      • MarkRyan


        Please Help, I used your script and now I have this error,

        Request denied
        Sorry, we are unable to serve your request at this time due to unusual traffic from your network connection.

        Please visit our help page and provide the information below for further assistance.

        Reason codes:



        Sun Sep 03 2017 00:06:41 GMT+0800 (Malay Peninsula Standard Time)

  • MG

    Any way to follow “people you may know” instead of adding as connection?

    • The script works by iterating through people, in the “People you may know” section, since their is no button for follow their, so at the meanwhile no it there is not, but once LinkedIn add this button, will update my script to support it.

      Thank you for using my script, if you found it useful please share 😀

      • MG

        Thanks Salam. As an alternative, can the script click into the profile and select the follow button from there. Then, it could back out and select the next PYMK suggestion. Thoughts?

        • If the browser allows me to do that, I will also make the script go through your Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, do bad stuff with them, extract all your passwords and other harmful things… Technically its not doable, what you are suggesting is a solution that will compromise the whole LinkedIn Platform which is impossible, my script is just a code that click on a button which is in other words a robot that is programmed to do repetitive work for you..

  • Joshua Gripo

    When I enter connect(). It says Invitations sent:0 and People Dismissed: 0

    • Kindly check that there are some people loaded before you run the script

  • The People You May Know Section (not for everyone yet, but for a few yes) has changed and the script doesn’t work anymore now.

    • Yes thank you for the note, will update my script asap

      • Waw, thanks for responding so swiftly! Will be keeping an eye on the page here – is there somewhere I can follow you on Twitter or somewhere else maybe?

  • Hugo Faivre

    Hey, is the script till working ? I did copy paste the script, but it only scrolled down and give me this notification
    Invitations Sent: 0
    People Dismissed: 0
    My Keywords were fine

    • Hello, yes it is working, kindly redo the steps carefully and check for any missing step, the script is working perfectly.
      Thank you for using my script

  • Hyun Park

    I tried this and the script kept running nonstop.. now I’m getting this message:

    Request denied
    Sorry, we are unable to serve your request at this time due to unusual traffic from your network connection.

    Please visit our help page and provide the information below for further assistance.

    Reason codes:



    Mon Aug 14 2017 19:06:24 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

    but I can’t access the help page.. what should I do?

    • MarkRyan

      Hi, I have the same error, how is your linkedin now?

  • Sudarshan Rangarajan

    Hi how to kill the script?

    and even I received this error

    Request denied
    Sorry, we are unable to serve your request at this time due to unusual traffic from your network connection.
    Please visit our help page and provide the information below for further assistance.

    Reason codes:
    Url: https://www.linkedin.com/mynetwork/
    Time: Wed Oct 11 2017 15:11:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

  • Sudarshan Rangarajan

    And one more thing could you please help us with a code where we could type a personal message while sending the invite as linkedin now a days allows you to send invites with personal note

    • I will try to add this feature in future updates. Thanks for the notice

  • Sudarshan Rangarajan

    Post this error type “linkedin” and hit CTRL+Enter it will work normally but the concern is that when you actually check sent invites it does not show any increased number of invites sent at all.. it is exactly the same number what it was previously. When I was running the code it showed 52K invitation sent and around 600 dismissed but linkedin sent invitation section doesn’t show this stat, I even logged out & logged in again but still the stat did not refreshed. Most importantly how to kill the script please let us know about it cause I do not wish to let the script run and block my network… 🙁

    • Thank you for using my script, if you want to stop it just full reload the page and it will stop, and kindly don’t use the script too often since it will block your network IP, we must be smart using it.

  • wade

    When I do this it works but never puts them on the list of invitations sent…..therefore they are not registering as invitations and it is not getting me connections