Hack LinkedIn Increase Connections Without being Caught

Hack LinkedIn

Why Hack LinkedIn?

This professional network is very important to a large community of professionals who want to find a job, find a candidate or just to share their work and experience.

It is very important to maximize the number of connections you have, especially if you are seeking for a job. When a recruiter is searching for a position similar to yours, you will be one of his connections, therefore having the chance to be on the top search.

Hack LinkedIn is as simple as a script that I wrote personally, to connect to a big number of people. Not any type of people, only those who have specific positions related to yours or positions you are interested in.

This helped me connect to more than 10,000 connections in matter of days and the counter is running. So why not hack LinkedIn?

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How It Work?

This script will search the description or position of each person, and check if it contain any of the keywords you set for it, if so it will connect to them, else dismiss them, in a way that LinkedIn Servers won’t know it is a robot.

Now LinkedIn Updated their system, but so did I, updated my script so it works smoothly with the new version ๐Ÿ˜€

Hence to do that just:

  • Open your profile in a browser on PC or Laptop not mobile (Recommended Firefox or Chrome)
  • Got to “My Network” section
  • Right click on a blank space and click on “Inspect Element” OR click F12 from the keyboard
  • Go to the console section
  • Replace my keywords with your keywords in the below line, then copy and paste in your console, be careful to follow the same sequence, and note that all keywords are not case-sensitive so don’t worry about that, also note the keyword “dev” will connect with “developer”, “development” and any other word that contain “dev”.
var keyWords = ["Engineer", "dev" , "Android", "php" , "ios" , "Software" , "net" , "program", "JAVA" , "sql" , "database" ,"Computer", "network", "telecom" , "cce" , "tech", "admin" , "ceo", "hr", "human re", "manage"];
  • Let The Magic Begin, copy this last part and enjoy:
//Author: Salam El-Banna
var connections=0,rejections=0;function connect(){var e=document.getElementsByClassName("discover-entity-card");for(i=0;i<e.length;i++){var o=!1,n=e[i].getElementsByClassName("discover-person-card__occupation")[0];if(n){var s=n.innerText;for(j=0;j<keyWords.length;j++){var t=new RegExp(keyWords[j],"i");if(s.match(t)){o=!0;break}}if(o){var c=e[i].getElementsByClassName("artdeco-button__text")[1];"Connect"==c.innerText&&(c.click(),console.log(s),connections++)}else e[i].getElementsByClassName("artdeco-card__dismiss")[0].click(),rejections++}}console.log("Invitations Sent:"),console.log(connections),console.log("People Dismissed:"),console.log(rejections),scroll(0,1e5),scroll(0,0),scroll(0,1e5)}var salamInterval=setInterval(function(){window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight),connect()},1e3);function stopSalamsMagic(){clearInterval(salamInterval)}

You will see in the console:

Invitations Sent: 256
People Dismissed: 102

As a result this will give you the exact number of invitations sent and the number of people who are dismissed.

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When you had enough ๐Ÿ˜€ and want to stop the script from connecting, insert the line below in console and hit Enter:

//Too much Ego ;)

Important: Don’t try to hack LinkedIn often to many times in one day because you will get banned, run it only couple of times each day and you will get like 100 new connections daily in just 2 min.

Finally Just Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€